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Dr Bühler is one of the few dentists in Switzerland to have incredibly broad and comprehensive training under their belt, combined with years of practical experience in the most important areas of dentistry, preventive prophylaxis and the treatment of a wide variety of dental problems. His profession as a highly qualified, experienced dentist also happens to be his calling.

This is no coincidence: Dr Bühler has studied with the best in his field, has amassed over a decade of experience as a practising dentist, and has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise from many of the most renowned experts in the dental guild. In addition, he continues to devote his free time outside the practice to sharing and expanding his knowledge and expertise at international dental symposiums and specialist conferences in Switzerland and abroad, where the latest findings in modern dentistry from the fields of science, research and technology are discussed. This is great for you as a patient and for your dental work, since your treatment benefits from new knowledge and the new findings of proven experts hailing from all over the world.


Compassion, kindness and the well-being of his patients are absolutely central to Dr Bühler and his team. A good dentist is more than an excellent dental practitioner and technician who has skilled hands; they also need to have a keen sense for and understanding of the fact that patients are, first and foremost, human beings who want to feel comfortable in a dental practice, who can rest assured that they are in the very best hands and know that they will be treated without experiencing any fear or pain. Because together, we share a common goal: for you to have healthy, well looked-after teeth for your whole life and a beautiful smile that you can be proud of. And all this at an incredibly fair and always transparent price.

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